Photo by Richard N. Greenhouse

Music: Morton Gould

Cast: The Accused (Lizzie Borden)
Her Mother
Her Step-Mother
Her Father
Herself as a Child
Her Pastor
Nocturne Pas de Deux (1 male-1 female)
Men & Women of Fall River (9 women-8 men)

Length: Approx. 45 min.

Summary: First performed by American Ballet Theater on April 22 1948, Fall River Legend is the story of Lizzie Borden, the Massachusetts spinster who was tried for the ax-murder of her father and stepmother. Although Lizzie was actually acquitted, in the ballet she is convicted and hanged. De Mille creates a portrait of a shy, sensitive but receptive girl, turned into a murderess by her father's psychological abandonment in favor of his second wife, a sour, jealous, manipulative woman who frustrates Lizzie's budding romance with her minister. Gothic in tone and deeply perceptive in its depiction of the consequences of love thwarted, Fall River Legend reveals a truth deeper than reality.

Original Cast: Alicia Alonzo (Accused), Diana Adams (Mother), Muriel Bentley (Stepmother), Peter Gladke (Father), Ruth Ann Koesun (Accused as a Child) John Kriza (Pastor)

Photo by MIRA

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