Music: Celtic tunes, arranged by Trude Rittman, John Morris, Martha Johnson, and Marc Blitzstein, orchestrated by William D. Brohn

Cast: The Wounded Veteran
The Young Fighter
The Girl
The Young Men and Women of Dublin (11 women, 9 Men)

Length: Approx. 35 min.

Summary: The Informer is set in Dublin during the period of English rule between 1916 and 1921. It is a time of curfews, bombings, and turncoats. Resistance to the detested "Black and Tans" is bold. The Wounded Veteran, himself a victim of "the troubles" turns informer and betrays his comrade, The Young Fighter, who is wanted by British authorities. It is for the love of The Girl, who has rejected him that The Wounded Veteran commits this treachery. The ballet reveals the consequences of this act upon the individuals involved and the community as a whole. Relying heavily on traditional Irish step dancing, with its rigid upper body positions, suspended leaps and quick foot work, The Informer is a dark tale about political upheaval, loyalty and betrayal.

Original Cast: Victor Barbee (The Wounded Veteran), Johan Renvall (The Young Fighter), Kathleen Moore (The Girl) Photo by MIRA
Photos on this page by MIRA

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