Music: Franz Schubert (Piano & Tenor)

Cast: The Maiden
The Lover
The Other
The Child (female)
The Friends (10 women, 8 men)

Length: Approx. 30 min.

Summary: The Other is a ballet about the play of oppositional forces--life and death, light and shadow--which are the mystery of experience. "The Maiden" and "The Lover" are allegorical figures representing vitality, love and youth. Equally compelling is "The Other". Dark and powerful in his purpose, he represents Death perhaps with its inevitable pull and ultimate attraction. Premiered in 1992 with American Ballet Theatre, The Other contains some of DeMille's most intricate and beautiful pas de deux.

Original Cast: Amanda McKerrow (The Maiden), Victor Barber (Her Lover), Roger Van Fleteren (The Other), Jane Vorburger (The Child)

Photos on this page by Richard N. Greenhouse

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